Zewlan Moor

(pronounced Shoolen!) writes playful books for kids


Nothing Alike

Nothing Alike is a slyly funny story about a white boy who can't tell two Asian girls apart in his classroom. Or can he? Read more

Nothing Alike is based on a true story, and a common experience among Asians (check out the hashtag #SorryWrongAsian on twitter if you don't believe me!) My son came home from his new school and could not tell his two Asian classmates apart. Meanwhile, I was continually mistaken for another Asian writer colleague, despite us looking nothing alike. To prevent these awkward situations for future generations, I wrote this picture book about race, perception and stereotyping. But the best line in the book is by the illustrator, Peter Cheong.

Available 16 August, 2023!

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The Bill Dup

A young boy notices a line of ants marching in, right into the house. His mum says they spell rain but she doesn’t want to get his hopes up...

A charming and linguistically playful story about a boy's first experience of The Bill Dup — a heady build-up to rain after a long period of drought.

Available Sept 2023!

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About Zewlan

I have a portfolio career but, above all, I'm a reader.

My love of reading was instilled from birth by my mother. We didn't have much money, but we had stories, and I honestly think I wouldn't have got to where I am today without being a bookworm. That's why I bang on so much about books and literacy! Reading truly opens doors.

Country kid. Scholarship kid.
Uni student. Doctor. Married with 2 kids.

I was born in the late '70s in a monocultural town in rural Queensland. To a Filipino father and Anglo-Australian mother, making me the only Eurasian in the village. I won a scholarship to a posh private girls' school, which was arguably the best thing that ever happened to me.

At university I studied Medicine and Arts, majoring in English Literature (mostly Post-Colonial Literature). UNSW had combined Medicine/Arts and Medicine/Science programs, but I only knew of five other people who took up the option of a seven-year degree.

I am very grateful to the teachers and mentors who helped me on my journey.

And for that boring country childhood which made me into a reader!

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Summer Reading: Nothing Alike and The Bill Dup with Zewlan Moor

Summer Reading: Nothing Alike and The Bill Dup with Zewlan Moor

Summer Reading: Nothing Alike and The Bill Dup with Zewlan Moor

Summer Reading: Nothing Alike and The Bill Dup with Zewlan Moor

Nothing Alike Storytime with Zewlan Moor

Brisbane Launch of THE BILL DUP

School Visit

Wishart State School

Book Week Presentation with Rory H Mather

Launch - First Day of Book Week

Press Kit

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Zewlan Moor's bio

How do you pronounce Zewlan?
Like: "SHOO-len, stop your FOO-lin'!"
Or like: Type 1 diabetics lack IN-SHOO-len.
Hope that makes it easier.
Blame my Seventies parents!

Zewlan Moor is an author, GP and bibliotherapist who writes playful books for today’s savvy kids. Nothing Alike (illustrated by Peter Cheong, Bright Light imprint of Hardie Grant, 16 August) and The Bill Dup (illustrated by Simon O'Carrigan, Windy Hollow, 1 September) are both releasing in 2023. Now living on the land of the Yugambeh people at the Gold Coast with her husband and two children, Zewlan loves to read, practise medicine and combine the two through her private practice, Byron Bibliotherapy. Her books are sometimes multi-layered, with a quirky sense of humour and light touch that belies their serious intent. Other times they're just fun. In her reading and writing, Zewlan is preoccupied with themes of identity, language, power and social justice. Which sounds very dry, but isn't. Especially when wrapped in a picture book/cozy mystery/dark academia/romcom package. She is very grateful to the teachers and mentors who have helped her along the way, and for her boring childhood which made her into a reader!

Dr Moor's Novel Prescription

Bibliotherapy is simply helping people through books. Whether you are stuck, overwhelmed, transitioning, or suffering from grief, loneliness, worry, fear, bibliotherapy can help. Read more

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Zewlan Moor is available for speaking engagements for adults and children.
These include in-person and virtual school visits, keynotes and as MC.

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